Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Half of Mosey makes trip to Nashville!

Nancy, Ainsley & Kari with Sarah Masen! She was such a wonderful performer, and her husband David Dark was a great speaker with quite a sense of humor!

Fred and the Girls! We had so much fun hanging out with Fred, one of the Sons of Lwala, all weekend while we were in Nashville!

I took a roadtrip with Nancy and Ainsley to Nashville last weekend to attend the Ride:Well benefit concert for Blood:Water Mission. It was a wonderful experience and we heard and met many talented artists and musicians. One of the highlights of the trip was also getting to meet and hang out with Fred, one of the brothers from the Sons of Lwala documentary. Thank you Nancy, for this great idea, and for letting me tag along with you and Ainsley!

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  1. Thank you for going! It was time for you to meet some of the other Blood:Water artists. Mosey rocks!!